Cold Starters:
1/2 RaciónRación enteraAlérgenos
Acorn-fed Iberian BELLOTA Ham12,50 €20,50 €
Artisan Cheese Plate9,50 €15,50 €
Anchovy from Santoña2 €/ud
Caramelized Micuit Foie with exotic fruit14,50 €
Salmon Tartare,Tuna and Avocado with wasabi mayonnaise14,00 €
Steak tartare25,00 €
Hot Starters:
Ración enteraAlérgenos
Prawn in garlic sauce, casserole11,50 €
Sauteed baby Squids with green garlic and baby beans9,90 €
Crispy King Prawn with basil and hot/sour sauce1,60 €/ud
Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and smoked sweet/sour paprika”14,50 €
Grilled fresh beach Cuttle sh12,50 €
Croquette of sea crab with tzatziki sauce2,00 €/ud
Grilled fresh beach Squid16,50 €
Castañeta (small cuttle sh)16,00 €
Grilled seasonal vegetables10,50 €
Mediterranean Mussels8,00 €
Cod fritters with tomato marmalade and “all i oli”9,00 €
Racó Salad (of Scallops and king Prawn with oriental vinaigrette14,00 €
Mixed special mediterranean Salad9,90 €
Volcano of valencian tomato with Ventresca and black olives13,90 €
Timbale of varied lettuce, goat cheese and apple with honey/mustard13,90 €
Grilled or boiled striped Prawn100 grsprecio s/Lonja
Grilled fresh Norway Lobster100 grs11,50 €
Shrimp from Santa Pola100 grs10,50 €
Carril Clams100 grs11,50 €
Guillardeau Oysters100 grs3,95 €/ud
Sea Snail100 grs8,50 €
Razor Shells100 grs1,50 €/ud
Preparation time 30 minutes.
Minimum 2 people.
Valencian Paella, with chicken, rabbit and snails.12,00 €
Mixed Paella, with chicken, rabbit and seafood.16,00 €
Seafood Paella15,00 €
Rice in sh broth13,50 €
Rice with squid and its ink13,50 €
Rice with Cuttlesh and Prawn18,50 €
Rice with clawed Lobster19,00 €
Rice with red Prawns19,50 €
Rice with spiny Lobster20,00 €
Rice with vegetables15,00 €
Rice with monksh and artichokes16,50 €
Mellow rice cooking pots
Preparation time 30 minutes.
Minimum 2 people.
with Chicken, Rabbit and Vegetables12,50 €
with baby Norway Lobsters and green Garlic15,50 €
with artichokes, Duck, and mushroom17,50 €
with clawed Lobster / spiny Lobster20,00 €
with Octopus, Mushrooms and Foie20,00 €
with monksh and artichokes20,00 €
Preparation time 30 minutes.
Minimum 2 people.
with Fish and Seafood15,50 €
with squid and its ink and green garlic16,50 €
with Duck, mushroom and foie16,50 €
Fresh mediterranean Bluen Tuna15,50 €
Grilled Cod With sauteed green garlic14,00 €
Marinated Salmon with beech-smoked wok vegetables14,50 €
Grilled fresh Sea Bass with seasonal vegetables14,50 €
Grilled Galician Beef Entrecote20,00 €
Roast boneless Shoulder of Suckling Lamb cooked at low temperature20,50 €
Grilled Suckling Lamb Cutlets18,50 €
Suckling Pig Cooked at low temperature15,00 €
Grilled Galician Beef Sirloin20,50 €
Crispy Apple Cannelloni Caramelized with Cinnamon and Vanilla Ice Cream5,50 €
Pumpkin Coulant with Yogurt Ice Cream5,50 €
Mango Cheese cake5,50 €
Brownie with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream5,50 €
Milk Chocolate Sabayon with Macadamia Nut Foam5,50 €
Ice cream options:
Nougat, Chocolate, Vanilla, Meringue Milk2,50 €
Fruits options:
Pineapple3,75 €
Melón, prepared Orange3,50 €
Orange juice2,50 €
Sweets wines:
PX-D.O. Montilla Moriles3,00 €
Mistela RIU RAU Xaló 100% moscate2,00 €
Gin Tonic Beefeater7,50 €
Gin Tonic Beefeater 249,00 €
Gin Tonic Seagrams7,50 €
Gin Tonic Hendriks10,50 €
Gin Tonic Citadelle10,50 €
Gin Tonic VLC10,50 €
Gin Tonic Bombay Shphire9,00 €
Café Irlandes9,00 €
Café Jamaicano7,50 €

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